X Wing Tie Swarm

X Wing Tie Swarm

Author Drawde This weekend, we saw an incredible outpour of community-run X-wing tournaments. From the Gold Squadron Classic in Chicago to a variety of local tournaments. Skimming over the lists, I cannot help but see how many Boba Fetts made it to top four finishes.
x wing tie swarm

X-Wing Miniatures Tactics: Why The TIE Swarm Is Still Winning

X Wing Tie Swarm

Author Drawde This weekend, we saw an incredible outpour of community-run X-wing tournaments. From the Gold Squadron Classic in Chicago to a variety of local tournaments. Skimming over the lists, I cannot help but see how many Boba Fetts made it to top four finishes. Also notable is that swarm lists are back. Like the good old days of the first two years of X-wing when you would see five to eight ties hit the board, the US communities saw multiple swarms this past weekend.

I myself am guilty of favoring imperials. I almost always only fly Imperial. I play Legion imperial. Heck even my favorite decks in Destiny revolve around imperial characters. Sai with Admiral Sloan aboard.

You need Sai to survive so that all your ships benefit. A common list I have seen is one that also runs Minister Tua on the shuttle. Tua is a card that is definitely flying under the radar. She is for times when the shuttle is about to be pummeled.

I rather run tactical jammer on the shuttle and make the shuttle run the defensive line instead. But that is just preference. While place the valuable seven points somewhere else. This list forces your opponent to commit to either the shuttle or the Strikers. Splitting fire is essentially giving up a combat round since Sloan Shuttle with the strikers pumps out fifteen red dice in total.

Strikers are relatively easy to destroy giving Sloan the opportunity to proc often, and anyone who has drawn a Panicked Pilot critical can attest that getting two stress tokens is debilitating. Unless your opponent has an extra mechanic to remove the second stress, you can pursue it for two rounds of blue maneuvers.

The opponent should be targeting the shuttle first. Sloan makes the list. The posted list has 4 point bid, but this is not a list you need a bid on. Customize to match your play style. Then the other strikers and the shuttle pounce. Reinforce is still a power ability in 2. I have seen some lists run seismic on the strikers and cluster up the ships, but I think this is sloppy. The ships should only cluster to bump the enemy ship to prevent modified shots or re-positioning. Strikers are highly maneuverable, and you should be using them as jousters and flankers.

If you only want to joust with them then I suggest you run Bombers with Barrage. Their missiles are focus dependent though, so you can mix and match. Soontir Fel is still a powerful ship despite the memes. He is a new point efficient flanker. You see this in another popular list: It runs Jonus to provide rerolls for its three jousting bomber wingmen, while Fel is absolutely only for flanking and closing.

This is another 15 red dice down the exhaust port of your opponent. I love it! This is yet another list where you must use generics to meat shield your closer. Fel has become a very underrated pilot because he is bullseye dependent. Here, he comes with the Predator EPT, doubling down on getting ships in your bullseye arc to proc his pilot ability.

What do they know? They are busy breaking the game with four dice turrets. People, this is no different than Vanguard on Kylo Ren, but instead of worrying about keeping one ship in arc, you just have to worry about one ship in bullseye. This is an incredibly powerful card on a ship with double reposition actions at Initiative 6. Another varaition is Howlers Revenge. Just like the list above, you have Fel with Predator to close in and flank.

However you keep 4 academy pilots with one Juking Howlrunner. An incredibly powerful list. This is a more agile list with the ability to do five forwards. Both lists run similarly, but with different tactical points such as speed and firepower versus survivability and the ability to bump and stall. I do not prefer it over the bomber list, but it all depends on your playstyle. As I said in my previous post; closers are the keys to your new home on victory lane.

Before the handshake and the gesture of wishing an opponent good luck there is a Zero Hour. This is when you need to decide obstacle placement, and ship starting locations. This is now more crucial now than ever thanks to the variety swarms bring into the game. After you have secured placements, you better make sure you have a plan to win and you are not just there to do forward movements and roll dice.

You need a plan of action and you need to be thinking of where your ship and theirs will end up next round. The most important aspect of the game happens before the dials are set. Obstacle placement is the wake up call, and everything has a counter effect. Your obstacles affect how you place your ships, and how your opponent places theirs. Then it comes down to how you maneuver your ships in the first two or three rounds.

How big a role do you want obstacles to play in your matches? Right now in 2. A rule that most use is that if one has more ships, one generally want asteroids to play less of a role in the match. This was typical in the old days, with Rebel fair ship builds and jousty Defenders. The idea in a matchup where one wants to immediately engage is to give the opponent fewer options to use tricky maneuvers, to flank and perform actions to break up any synergies of an alpha strike, or a turtle flying fortress of bullshit.

So if you are an ace flyer you want the obstacles to play a big role, and you need to place them where the action will take place. The best idea is to place your asteroids on your own side of the board, to control the side best for your field of view, and where you can best do your own template placement. Operating Right to Left moving sideways is common on Vassal since it gives neither player the advantage of moving bottom-to-top , if you place starting them in your range corner right, Then place a range two corner of the opposite in your opponents corners instead you can decide where the beginning engagement will start by prioritizing the next placement to dictate and control the engagement.

However you want to try to place asteroids so your opponent can build off them. Think of it as tic tac toe. If you place in the center then he has to place around it. With that being said, no matter where placement is, you ultimately control your own speed. So if you are flying swarms, you want to engage in open space, If you see the opportunity to engage with all five ships, then get REALLY aggressive and do so. If you are flying against a swarm, never commit to engaging all five ships.

AS the rebel player I want to place the rock placement closer to the center to form an opening wide enough to convince my opponent to engage me in the center as to keep their formation. However, You should slowly bring your aces and have them speed up to intercept you. As to maneuver so you can achieve three shots to focus fire on a ship.

As long as you keep the opponent swarm from engaging all of their ships in each of the engagements you are gaining the advantage. As a ace squad versus a swarm, you want to slow row yourself with ones that can reposition until you dictate to the opponent where you can to open shots. Do not over accerlate and do not over commit.

You want to be able to able to take angle shots and then be able to have options to peel off in two directions as the rebel player. Against a swarm, firing at range three gives you advantages to reposition during the next round.

Ideally at range three you should be able to only engage the lead ships, thus keeping the advantage of which ships actually engage. As the imperial swarm , the engagement should have never happen in the center of the field. If playing as swarm Try to place asteroids in vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines with one another. Make flying lanes. Aces relying on flying and action economy. Swarms rely on numbers and math. As a swarm leader your quantity is your quality.

Use it to your advantage by making sure all ships engage. Practice placing asteroids at home. I know it sounds silly just take the time to set up alone. The easiest way to practice your obstacle placement is to test your squad against an imaginary two, three and five ship builds. Then practice flying your opening moves.

See you at final table, Drawde.

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So, this is my first real list and Im looking for some critique on my TIE Swarm. The basic idea is to use Howlrunner to bring up Wampas Initiative. Take a look at who’s winning, losing and this week’s top championship list in X- Wing – brought to you by BCP. The Road to the Open Series is a blog series documenting my journey preparing for and competing in Star Wars X-Wing Open Series events. If you’d like to.

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Binayre Pirate 24 If you’re looking at this and thinking ‘I don’t get it’ then allow me run down some of the applications key features Beyond Thunderdome leading her army of scavengers on a rampage across the post-apocalyptic outback, with Drea Renthal obviously in the Tina Turner role. Who wouldn’t want to fly these guys? I’ve not actually played the Jakku Swarm yet because I’m kind of scared of what I’ll find. Either it will not live up to what it looks like on paper, which will be disappointing, or worse yet it WILL live up to its promise and that’ll be terrifying.

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X-Wing Miniatures Tactics: Certainly with all the new ships, cards, and every growing combinations, how is it able to still hold such ground. The core mechanics of the game favor the humble TIE fighter over any other ship in the game.

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For example, a TIE swarm is trying to remove ships from the board, .. X-Wing and U-Wing fixes, a new TIE small based Palp Shuttle and a few. TIE Swarm. It is no longer Schrodinger’s Swarm as it’s now seeing some play and is unsurprisingly not bad at all. The 8 TIE variant doesn’t have. Today, I’ll be taking a look a closer look at the popular Swarm lists in two years of X-wing when you would see five to eight ties hit the board.

X Wing Tie Swarm

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